The Power of Sharing Your Story Aloud

Did you know that human beings are natural storytellers? 


From the earliest cave drawings to the most recent social media trends, we tell and consume stories to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. 

And whether we realize it or not, stories play a huge role in our lives. They can help us construct identity, build community, foster empathy, and encourage understanding.

The problem is, we’re not always empowered to speak about our experiences, especially when it comes to issues like hormone health. 

Menstruation, hormonal imbalances, infertility—women are often taught these topics are “too personal” to be discussed. Over time, we grew accustomed to not sharing these experiences, even privately. 

We want to change that. We recognize that telling personal stories can have transformative effects. In fact, taking time to self-reflect can be essential to improving your well-being and progressing your hormonal wellness journey.  

A powerful tool for self-reflection is audio journaling. Unlike written journaling, audio journaling lets you speak and reflect out loud. You can think more quickly, express yourself in the moment, and capture your mood and emotions in real-time. 

Reflecting out loud is especially useful because it can reveal the stories you keep inside. If you’re someone who struggled with endometriosis for many years, you might be carrying thoughts like “I’ll never experience relief” or “People don’t understand the pain I’m feeling internally.” 

While these stories might not seem significant at first glance, science has discovered that our thinking is actually linked to how we feel physically. The stories we tell ourselves can impact our emotions, stress levels, and immune systems. When we change those stories, we can train our brains to intensify feelings of strength, hope, and success while mediating feelings of stress, discomfort, and insecurity. 

As you notice the stories that might hold you back, you can start creating new stories to move forward with. Instead of “I’ll never feel better,” you might flip the script and declare: “I’m working hard to care for myself.” 

Reframing your stories begins with self-reflection, which is why Hormone University is giving you a private, safe space to share about your experiences with hormonal health and wellness. 

Take time today to speak your thoughts, feelings, and experiences and remind yourself: “This is me, and I matter. And I can take an active role in designing the life I want to live.” 

We’re partnering with, a new science-based, privacy-first insights platform. They use spoken word to unlock the power of personal stories and empower individuals to make well-informed decisions. We invite each of you to share your story out loud based on guided prompts developed by Lotic’s team of behavioral scientists. Read more about the company and its privacy policy here

Embark on your storytelling journey. We will be launching the experience on May 13th. Set a reminder.D

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