How can ‘Habit Stacking’ improve hormonal balance?

Habit Stacking

Have you heard of ‘Habit Stacking’? It might feel like it’s the new buzz word on social media, but in fact habit stacking is a powerful strategy for behavior change that involves linking a new habit to an existing one, increasing the likelihood of sticking to the new behavior. And let’s face it, the hardest part of introducing any new habit our routine to our day to day lives is making it stick! This method takes advantage of the natural momentum that comes from one behavior leading into another, making it easier to establish and maintain new habits, such as introducing new supplementation.

The concept of habit stacking was popularized by author S. J. Scott in his 2014 book “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less” and further emphasized by James Clear in his bestselling book “Atomic Habits“, so it’s been around for a little while (despite it feeling brand new for many of us!)

Tell me more about ‘Habit Stacking’…

Habit stacking is a fairly easy concept to understand and to introduce. It works by associating a new habit with an existing one, essentially “stacking” the new behavior on top of the old one. For example, if you want to drink a glass of water every morning, you can link this new habit to an existing one, such as brushing your teeth. By doing so, the two habits become intertwined in your routine, making it easier to remember and follow through with the new behavior. Are you are someone – like many of us – who set out with the best of intentions when starting something new, only to quickly lose momentum and commitment? If so, this is a great concept for you as it helps to build familiarity and consistency based on your current behaviors and routines. 

How long does Habit Stacking take to work?

Did you know that research suggests that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit? This can vary though depending on the you – as we are all unique in our approach to new habits and our lives – and the complexity of the habit. When it comes to hormone health, habit stacking can play a significant role in establishing and maintaining healthy habits that contribute to overall well-being and hormone balance. The good news is that by adding specific, but easy habits into your routine, you can positively impact your hormone health over time – and isn’t that what we all need?


Can Habit Stacking improve my hormone health?

Habit stacking can be particularly beneficial for improving hormone health, especially if you are taking supplementation which needs consistency to maximise the benefits of the supplement on your body. For instance, you can ‘stack’ the habit of using a topical supplementation, such as Glow by Hormone University’s Period SOS or Menopause SOS, with an existing habit in your daily routine. For many women this would be during our morning and evening beauty and skincare routine and helps to ensure consistent use of the topical supplementation so that you receive the optimum benefit and see a reduction in your menopausal or menstrual symptoms. 

How do I start Habit Stacking?

Ready to get started with habit stacking? Here’s our top three tips to improve your hormone health today:

  • Small but mighty: Begin with small habits that are easy to integrate into your existing routine – for example, look at established points in your routine that you can easily tag onto. These are things like: brushing your teeth, driving to work, making dinner, going to bed. For example, you can do your pelvic floor exercises while driving to work, and tag topical supplementation onto your morning and evening skincare routine. 
  • Be Clear and Specific with yourself!: Take a moment to clearly define the new habit you want to adopt and identify the existing habit you will stack it onto. Say it out loud, if you need to! This will help affirm the new habit in your mind and create the mental space for you to start. 
  • Develop the Routine: Establish a specific time and location for performing the stacked habits to enhance consistency and effectiveness. When we are vague about the time, or follow a routine that doesn’t have a particular consistency, it can make habit stacking difficult to do routinely. For example, if you get home at a different time most days, you might find it harder to stack a new habit such as using your supplement and maintain the consistency you need for it to be most effective. But if you add it as a new habit to brushing your teeth, or before you check emails in the morning, it’ll help you to remember and quickly develop the routine. If you are using a supplement such as Glow by Hormone University’s Super Rich Magnesium Lotion, you’ll benefit from using it just before bed to help you nod off and get better sleep! 

What are the benefits of Habit Stacking for topical supplementation?

When using topical supplements – or taking oral supplements – many of us miss out on the huge benefits supplementation has to offer simply from a lack of consistency. Consistency should be a priority when starting any new supplementation routine, even topically. The great thing about topical supplements is that you get more benefit as they are absorbed through the epidermis – but you want to make sure that you are doing that daily, and in line with the recommended dosage.  After all, we know that we need to use our skincare morning and evening for the best results, don’t we? The same consistent routine will mean that you not only optimize your topical supplement, but you see results much clearer and faster than if you use it here and there. And by taking supplements consistently over a period of time, the body can replenish hormone or nutrient imbalance, which is particularly important for individuals with declining hormone levels that are affecting their health such as estrogen, or a mineral like magnesium.

So, how will you start Habit Stacking, and finding more consistency with your supplementation routine?

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