Healing your body Postpartum with Lindsay Tuttle

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We had the opportunity to interview Lindsay Tuttle, a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who is trained both in western medicine and traditional medicine. Having gone through Lyme disease and autoimmune illness, she has a passion to help others going through the same, especially the body postpartum mother who needs hormone, adrenal, and thyroid support. 

She is also certified in Reiki I and II, runs a wellness brand with essential oils, herbs and tinctures, and is the founder of the Health & Hope Tribe for individuals seeking better wellness and health.

Tell us about yourself and your work with holistic wellness. 

 I am a family nurse practitioner who is western medicine trained but holistic wellness minded through my experience working directly with patients and going through Lyme disease. I ran an integrative practice in Florida, and now I exclusively work online.

How did your diagnosis of Lyme Disease affect your relationship between you and your body?

 Going through Lyme disease made a profound difference in the relationship with my body. As a child, I had gone through anorexia and an addiction to exercise. When I went through Lyme, a lot of old trauma resurfaced, as I spent many months bedbound from pain and anything and everything I ate would make me ill. In time, I discovered the works of Louise Hay and Amy Scher, which helped me reconnect with my body and find peace with it in order to heal.

What is one of the most important realizations you have come to on your journey with hormonal health and overall well being? 

 I have realized in this journey that hormones are greatly involved. When I was pregnant with my first child, I found that all the symptoms of pain and insomnia I was going through, went away by my second trimester. Some symptoms returned postpartum, but some did not. A lot of miraculous things happen during pregnancy and it is important to consider the implication of hormones on overall health and wellness.

Is there anything you wish you knew about hormonal balance and overall well being before?

 I wish I valued my cycle more! I feel like the menstrual cycle was demonized and shameful and growing up. I realized as I got older that my cycle was my superpower, and that its normalcy and rhythms were crucial to overall health.

What is your routine for naturally healing your body postpartum?

Rest, nourishment and listening to your body is key. I was in such a hurry after my first child to get out, “get my body back”, and basically go back to work and school. With my second, I did the opposite. I stayed at home and really followed The First Forty Days book recommendations. I nourished my body with whole foods and broth. I incorporated mayan abdominal massage, essential oils, and supplementation to help with healing.

What has been the most helpful tip you’ve learned to heal your body postpartum?

 My most helpful tip is that nobody else’s postpartum journey is as important as your own. It’s so easy as women, mothers and caregivers to put ourselves last. Postpartum can be a completely isolating and confusing time for many. You must nourish yourself and find others you can talk with and surround yourself with a network of support.

Do you have any advice for women struggling with transitioning to postpartum? Are there any resources you recommend? 

 My best advice is to consider hormone support via essential oils and herbal tinctures, and if possible, consider placenta encapsulation. This has had promising results for hormone support postpartum. I strongly recommend checking out this book as well: Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care

What is the most important ‘area’ of focus you believe contributes most to postpartum recovery? 

100% rest and nutrition.

What is one piece of advice you want to share with women who experience symptoms such as fatigue, depression, mood swings, etc. due to certain medical conditions caused by hormonal imbalances?  

Be your own advocate! Be willing to look at the root cause of everything going on- it’s worth it!

How has your relationship to food, sleep, exercise etc. changed as a result of your own health journey? 

I am at a much better place now than I have ever been before. I trust myself, I trust this healing journey. I trust my body knows what to do. Healing happens in many layers, and now I have a respect for what my body is doing every day.


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