The Complete Guide of the Best Hormonal Wellness Brands

best brands for hormonal wellness, pms and meneopause

While hormonal wellness has always been highly important, recent years have shown an increase in popularity, brands and interest surrounding the topic. A number of brand products have emerged on the market with the goal of targeting different issues having to do with the wellbeing of our hormones. From topical creams to vitamins, we’re outlining some of the best hormonal wellness brands, and are proud to be a part of this roundup!

Veracity Self Care

If you’re interested in receiving a customized blueprint for how to take care of your skin, Veracity Self Care has developed just the thing. Armed with a holistic approach, and with the help of your own unique set of hormones, the brand is able to use a simple at-home test to offer you the best skin care regimen for you. Their namesake is a nod to their commitment to truth, and what better way to care for your skin than with the information, signs, and data your body is trying to alert you with? Founded by Allie Egan, formerly of existing brands like La Mer and Clinique, Veracity Self Care looks at your bigger picture — what your hormones are saying about potential underlying and topical conditions — to understand, dissect, and treat your unique skin needs.
Why we like it: We are all for tailored skincare, especially when it’s our bodies telling us what we need. Goodbye one-size-fits-some products!


Womaness is shifting the perspective on women going through menopause, and allowing us to look at that stage of life through the lens of what they call menopositivity. Co-founded by Michelle Jacobs and Sally Mueller, Womaness is the answer to the questions millions of women entering menopause have surrounding their search for knowledge, healing, and a network of support. With a variety of products — from skincare and supplements to bladder leak protection and sexual wellness kits — the brand proudly offers only safe, natural materials and ingredients.
Why we like it:
For one, they have a wonderful variety of products! Also, many times overlooked, the neck is always in need of a little extra attention and hydration, especially when menopause can dry out skin. Womaness answers our call for a neck and décolleté we can feel great about, with their Let’s Neck serum.


The antithesis to widely deemed “anti-aging” products, Pause celebrates “well-aging”. Founded by Rochelle Weitzner, Pause is a skincare system designed with the three stages of menopause in mind — the hot flashes, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles due to reduced estrogen, and loss of tone and texture. A variety of serums, mists, and even a fascia-stimulating tool make up the offerings.
Why we like it: We’d like to think that Pause is the catalyst for women to start embracing their aging process by discarding the myth that life, beauty, and womanhood end at the start of menopause. In a clinical study, the hot flash Cooling Mist allowed most women to feel calmer, refreshed, and cooler, even an hour after their hot flash.

Marea Wellness

Monica Grohne understood the effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) at a very young age. Suffering with severe symptoms like mood swings that were so bad, she thought she might be bipolar, Monica went on a mission that brought her to creating her own remedy, and founded Marea. The drinkable Marea elixir feeds the body with much-needed nutrients normally found in healthy everyday foods and supplements, but with more of a guarantee that you’ll receive all nutrients (life gets busy!), without the multiple pills you’d need to take to reach the goal. Easy and good for you? It’s a win-win.
Why we like it: There’s relief in their PMS Elixir: The Menstruator Multivitamin — from emotional and physical symptoms like moodiness, anxiety, bloating, cramping, and tenderness in the breasts. Need we say more?


Jess Toolson, the founder and CEO, created Mixhers as a way to live a better life with hormones. Mixhers provides natural relief of all PMS symptoms from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and more. With these products now available on the market, women can finally find relief from their PMS and menopausal symptoms without resorting to hormone therapy or other medications. Why we like it: Products are all natural, safe and relieve PMS and menopause symptoms.

FLO Gummies

Flo vitamins are co-founded by sister and brother Brianna and Bobby Bitton created FLO for the over 90% women who experience PMS. Their plant-based vitamins were made with relief in mind from the usual PMS symptoms, including hormonal acne. Whether you prefer chewable gummies or a sugar-free PMS fine capsule, FLO contains four carefully studied ingredients that cosign the siblings’ notion that PMS doesn’t have to suck.
Why we like it: Fun gummy vitamins that eliminate PMS, that’s why. And the best part? FLO is safe for use with birth control and tastes amazing too!

Glow Botanica

The solution to all symptoms when it comes to PMS and Menopause. Our very own founder Ana G. Herrera suffered from Stage IV Endometriosis for over a decade. She endured extreme PMS pain, infertility, multiple surgeries, a colon resection, and surgical menopause – all struggles tied back to hormonal imbalances. This experience led her to launch Glow Botanica: a line of products free of estrogen, progesterone, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. 

Glow Botanica is beneficial for women throughout all phases of their lives because rather than suppressing specific PMS or menopause symptoms, it targets the hormonal imbalances that cause both.
Why we like it: Easy to use and apply, the unique Tummy Butter contains microencapsulated natural actives in a quick-absorbing formula. Offering naturopathic solutions for every phase of a woman’s life, the product went into trial for two months. The result? Test subjects experienced an average of 64% improvement in symptoms like cramps, bloating, hot flashes, and shifts in mood.


Are FLO Gummies safe? 

Absolutely! FLO Gummies are made with natural and safe ingredients, and are safe for most people to take. They are also safe for use with birth control.

Do FLO Vitamins balance hormones?

While FLO Vitamins are not specifically formulated to balance hormones, they do contain four carefully studied ingredients that can help alleviate PMS symptoms and hormonal acne. By reducing these symptoms, FLO Vitamins may indirectly help balance hormones.

Is FLO Vitamins effective for hormonal acne?

Yes! FLO Vitamins are formulated with ingredients that can help alleviate hormonal acne. The plant-based vitamins help reduce inflammation, balance hormones and promote clear and healthy skin.

Is Mixhers safe?

Yes! Mixhers is dedicated to providing safe and natural solutions for hormonal health. All of their products are made with high-quality ingredients and are safe for most people to use. However, as with any supplement, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider before use.

What is Veracity hormone testing?

Veracity hormone testing is a type of hormone testing that measures the levels of certain hormones in your body. This can be helpful in identifying hormonal imbalances and determining the best course of treatment. Veracity offers a range of at-home hormone testing kits to make it easy and convenient to get tested.

Is Marea PMS Elixir safe to consume?

Yes! Marea PMS Elixir is a herbal supplement made with natural ingredients including chaste tree berry, dong quai root, and evening primrose oil. These ingredients are safe for most people when consumed in the recommended daily dose. However, as with any supplement, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider before adding it to your daily routine.


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