Reinvigorate your Libido During Menopause and Feel Comfortable Talking About It

boost Libido after menopause

Do you want to learn ways to reinvigorate your libido? Every time this subject comes up at a dinner table, eyes light up: “Yes! I need something for my libido, pls!!” Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life. It’s not a condition nor an illness – it’s a fact of life. There’s also a percentage of women going through menopause in a different way –  unfortunate situations such as cancer, or due to surgical reasons (full hysterectomy = surgical menopause). One of the most common concerns women face during this transition is a decline in libido. 

In this blog, our founder, Ana G. Herrera, will discuss the way by which libido gets affected during menopause as well as ways by which it can be elevated for promising intimacy. 

The decline in libido during menopause comes from hormonal fluctuations, leading to changes in the body and mind. Lower levels of estrogen and progesterone result in vaginal dryness, reduced sensitivity, and therefore: a decrease in sexual desire. While this is natural, it doesn’t mean that a great intimate life is out of reach!

What happens to arousal after menopause?

Your genitals change during menopause…this can cause:

  • Blood may take longer to reach your genitals – so it may take longer to become aroused.
  • Decreased sensitivity – it might take you longer to orgasm. 
  • Less natural lubrication – penetrative sex can be more uncomfortable.
  • Pain during sex – vaginal walls become thinner and less elastic. 

Comfortable and fun sex is absolutely possible! Taking your time and engaging in sensual foreplay – fingers, hands, tongues, and lips – can really help your libido. Here are some ways by which you can recover your libido levels:

Sex Toys for Vaginal Dryness

It can be tricky to know where to start looking for sex toys, or what will go easy on your body if you have menopause symptoms. Introducing sex toys (or trying out new ones) is a great way to add extra to your sex life, and desire and boost your libido.

If you want penetration but are experiencing discomfort or painful sex, there are many options that can ease you back into it. Dilators are sets of dildos that vary in width and length so you can slowly and gently re-introduce penetration into your sex life at your own pace and comfort levels. 

Penis Bumpers are made of body-safe silicone and fit on the end of your partner’s penis to reduce the depth of penetration you experience without reducing the sensation for them. You can experiment with different levels of depth and some can even vibrate for extra sensation for both you and your partner. 

Another great sex toy that can be used is finger vibrators. Gripping isn’t needed with these sex toys which attach directly to your fingers, a great option when it comes to the best sex toys during menopause. 



There are great herbs like ginseng, maca, and fenugreek. They are renowned natural remedies recognized for their potential to enhance libido and support sexual well-being. One of my favorite ingredients to boost libido: is Wild Yam Root. Wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) is a root known for its potential benefits in addressing menopausal symptoms, including low libido  Rich in diosgenin, a compound that shares similarities with certain hormones, wild yam has been used traditionally to balance hormones and help reproductive health.

Transdermal is best - why?

Wild yam is available in various forms, including supplements and topical creams. We chose to create a topical supplement, as our transdermal effect goes into your bloodstream without messing with your gut. Both Obgyns and women love it, as it also helps with balancing hormones, reducing hot flashes by half! I am very proud to say women using our Menopause SOS are telling us how much they love their improved mood and better sexual desire. You need to use it daily and you will feel the difference (and enjoy our subscription discount so you don’t have to pay full price).

Look after your stress levels too, as they affect hormones & libido

Mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation can complement the benefits of wild yam in revitalizing libido.

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