“Thank you Mom, for always loving me”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we invited our community to share their thoughts and words to their mothers. These beautiful letters that share the highs and lows of motherhood and growing up, articulate how the bond we have with our moms can shape and impact the adult we become in so many ways. 

From support through illness and infertility, to early memories of a mother’s unwavering support, these are fond letters of love that will touch us all this Mother’s Day.

“I remember happiness. Pure happiness.”

“Dear Mom,

When I think back to being a kid, it’s you in the picture every time. From bake sales to school shows, homework and weekend activities, it’s you I see with me. It’s your hand that reaches out for mine, and it’s your hug I remember most. I remember happiness, safety, and love.

As an adult now, I know it wasn’t as idyllic as I remember. Since becoming a mom myself, I know now that so much of what you gave us as kids came at a personal cost to you. You paused your career to be at those shows and bake sales, and you prioritised us to be available for all the activities we loved to do. You were there every morning and every evening, and it’s only now that I know the mental load that you carried while we were young and how all consuming motherhood must have been for you. And yet, you never let us see it. All I remember is happiness. Pure happiness.

Your support was always unwavering – even in light of our crazy ambitions. When we announced a desire to become a spaceman or a film star, you would be as animated as discussing medical schools and grades. You lit up every room you walked into – well, for me anyway. You were my film star, my heroine.

Since you passed away there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss you and wish I could talk to you. I wish I could hear your voice or your laugh one more time, or tell you what happened since you left. I wish you could meet your grandchildren and share their lives too, I know you would have loved being a grandparent so much.”

– Elissa, 36

“How many ways can I say thank you?”

“My lovely Mom,

The last few years have been tough, both emotionally and physically. We never knew what we were facing in those early days of heavy periods and bad cramps, did we?

The endless round of tests to diagnose endometriosis, the subsequent surgeries – there’s been so much pain and worry, for both of us. You’ve never thought twice about supporting me through it all – even flying half way round the world to be at my bedside after the last big surgery. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you walk in – the person I needed the most in that moment. I’ll never be too old to need my Mama! You’ve bathed me when I’ve been in too much pain to move; you’ve held me during the lows and laughed with me in the highs. You always have comforting, supportive words to share that seem to innately understand exactly how I feel, at the exact right time.

You listened as I processed it all, without judgment. And you know, I just assumed that one day I’d have kids, and that you and Dad would be grandparents. The realisation that the future I took for granted wouldn’t happen hit me so hard. It was overwhelming, a bereavement and acceptance of a new future. But in all that, you never once pressured me to think about having children. You never suggested alternatives that you knew deep down I wouldn’t want, or made me feel ‘less than’ when we talked about the reality of a future without children. 

You’ve guided me towards a life fulfilled by love in ways other than motherhood and helped me to process the reality of accepting that children wouldn’t be in my future. Your support has been immeasurable and having you by my side through the last few years has been a privilege. How many ways can I say thank you? There will never be enough. I love you, Mom.”

– Gabriella, 42

“It was love that guided me through tricky times.”

“Dear Mom,

When I was 16, you were so frustrated with my behavior that you cried. I remember you sitting in front of me, my chest full of bravado as you broke down in tears and wept in despair. I was late again, and you had been so worried something had happened to me. And when I did appear, I was rude to you, shrugging off your concern and shouted at you that I wasn’t a baby. You told me you didn’t know what to do with me any more, that you were at the end of your tether. I remember the creeping sense of shame that rose up through my body from my toes and pounded through my chest until I stormed out of the room, screaming that I hated you.

I didn’t hate you, I ‘hated’ myself. I was such an awkward teen. I hated growing up, and I often felt claustrophobic in my own skin as my body grew more womanly by the day. I felt choked by how loved I was and how normal we were, and I rebelled against it throughout my teens, causing you stress and worry. But all through it, you loved me. I said I hated you a lot, didn’t I? The last time I said it you replied “I love you, Dana, and you love me. Everything else you say to me is just noise”, and it took the wind out of me because it was true. I never told you I hated you again.

Now I am a mother too. The love I feel for Betsy is beyond anything I’ve ever felt but I know you understand that. Now I know it is a love that is unwavering, even when pressed to the end of patience. But only now do I get the compromise and the sacrifice you made for me and to love me through the worst of times. I hope Betsy doesn’t give me the same rough ride I gave you and Pop but if she does, you gave me the blueprint to deal with it. I learnt from the best.

So thank you Mom – for always loving me, even in those times you maybe didn’t like me much. It was that love that guided me like a light through tricky times and into my life now, with Betsy. It’s what brought me back to myself and allowed me to finally be me, and the mother I am today. I love you.”

– Jenna, 33

As these heartfelt letters illustrate, the bond between a daughter and her mom is one of life’s most profound connections. Through the inevitable ups and downs, joys and struggles, it’s often a mother’s love that provides the support that shapes who we become as adults. Their sacrifices, patience, and unconditional love are felt across generations, and Mother’s Day is a good time to remember the vital role mothers play in nurturing strong adults. On this Mother’s Day, we honor the women who make the world go round – our first friends, our wisest counselors, our forever cheerleaders. What will you write to your Mom, this Mothers Day?


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