Our Community Shares: The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

As women, we often find ourselves thinking of others before ourselves – far too often we sacrifice our needs to provide or nurture those around us. That’s why there is nothing more special than a loved friend or family member offering a gift of something that they know isn’t just something we will like, but something that we need, that will nourish our body and wellbeing and nurture needs that we too often neglect.

We’ve seen these generous acts of gifting within our community, and reached out to six women to ask them to share their experiences of giving and receiving Glow by Hormone University’s products – and how it made them feel.

“Menopause SOS was the gift that helped me ease my perimenopause symptoms”

Amelia was delighted with her gift of Menopause SOS from her friend Bethany!

For some time, Amelia hadn’t been feeling like herself. She’d started to struggle to get to sleep at night, was having hot flushes that left her feeling nauseous and was finding that she was forgetting the simplest of things. “I was forgetting things like my pin code, or where I’d left my keys. I was feeling really on edge all the time, and irritable with my husband too – it was becoming a big problem and I didn’t know what was going on.” It was only as she was talking to her friend, Bethany, at a neighborhood BBQ that she first realised that she might be experiencing symptoms of perimenopause. “Bee is a couple of years older than me, and recognised the symptoms straight away. I was taken aback – was I really old enough to be facing menopause?”

Bethany laughs at the memory. “I remember her face as I suggested it might be menopause!” she says. “When I had first spoken to my doctor, they weren’t particularly helpful. That was how I found Hormone University and Glow by Hormone University’s Menopause SOS – it worked so well for me. I knew immediately what Amelia needed.”

As Bethany had been using Menopause SOS for a while, she ordered it for her friend to try. “I was actually on my way to drop my children off at school, when Bethany appeared at the end of my drive with a small gift bag and was thrilled as she explained how Menopause SOS had helped her symptoms. I nearly cried, it was so kind!” That was four weeks ago, and Amelia has since applied the soothing cream on her thigh morning and night and seen a massive change in her symptoms. “I’m not snapping at my husband, I’m not feeling as confused, and I’m not having those dreaded hot flushes that I really hated anymore! I love it – and I can’t wait to pass it on to a friend too!”

“I can’t wait to pass on the kindness of my friend!”

Olivia loves the Intimate Hydrator – so much that she bought it for her sister too!

It was over a cup of coffee that Olivia ‘confessed’ to Dee Dee that she had completely lost all interest in sex and in fact, was experiencing soreness and dryness for the first time. “Actually, I was pretty worried about it. My husband was understandably a bit frustrated, but the soreness was really putting me off and I was struggling to find my libido”. Dee Dee was a good friend to choose to confide in, because she’d been recently diagnosed with vaginal atrophy and knew all too well how it could affect your sex life. “I hadn’t actually told anyone”, Dee Dee admits. “But as soon as Olivia started to share what she was experiencing, I got it. I knew exactly how awful it was for her.”

Dee Dee had found Hormone University’s website a few weeks earlier. “As soon as I read the articles about vaginal atrophy it was like a lightbulb moment. I saw my physician that week, but in the meantime thought I would try Glow by Hormone University’s Intimate Hydrator to ease the dry feeling. The relief was enormous!” As Olivia shared the symptoms she was experiencing, Dee Dee shared her experience of using the Intimate Hydrator. “Just a few days later, there was a knock at the door and there was Dee Dee, with a small parcel. Inside, there was a tube of Intimate Hydrator. After everything she had told me about it, I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.”

Since then, Olivia has purchased Intimate Hydrator for herself… and her sister. “Look, you hear about these products and never know if they really are as good as they seem. The Intimate Hydrator hasn’t only improved the dryness, but it’s also helped my libido return because I feel so comfortable again. My husband is thrilled“, she laughs. “I knew my sister would love it too – I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can gift her the freedom that the Intimate Hydrator gave me!”

“No more restless legs! What a game changer”

Megan’s cramping eased after Jennifer gifted her the Magnesium Rich Lotion – now she won’t be without it!

Jennifer had experienced restless legs for ages before she found out that she needed to supplement her diet with magnesium. “I was fascinated and frustrated in equal measure. We just don’t know these things as women but it had been driving me mad for months, and I wasn’t sleeping well – in fact, I was tired all the time.” It was a friend, Rachel who first suggested that she might need to take a supplement containing magnesium and recommended Glow by Hormone University’s Magnesium Rich Lotion. “By the time I ordered the lotion, I was desperate. It arrived within a couple of days and I was thrilled when I started to feel the restlessness ease, and was finally getting some sleep!”

In fact, Jennifer was so impressed she bought more of the lotion to keep in her drawer. “I was terrified it would go out of stock because it’s so brilliant!” she smiles.”It really was that much of a game-changer for me.” But then, after a chance conversation with another mum, she found herself delving into her stash… and giving it away!

“Meg dropped my son off after baseball and as we were talking, she said that she had been awake in the night with cramps in her leg and how painful they were.” Megan had been experiencing the cramps on and off for a couple of weeks and initially thought that they were because she was dehydrated. “I remember Jen’s face as I told her about the cramps and before I knew it, she’d run off upstairs and came back waving a white tube at me and saying ‘you need this! It’s amazing!‘” They both laugh as they remember the moment. “I’ve used it since and definitely seen the difference – I’m not waking up with cramps in my legs, for a start. But also, I’ve noticed I feel less stressed – and as it turns out, that’s down to the magnesium lotion too. I’d recommend it to anyone!”

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