Botanic Education: Primrose Oil

Primrose Oil

Primrose oil is made from seeds of a flower, but can it benefit our health? Yes! Primrose oil has a number of great uses and can help our health in many ways, from relieving PMS and menopause symptoms to making our skin look great! To learn more about the benefits of  primrose oil, keep reading!

What is Primrose Oil?


Primrose oil is made from the seeds of a flowering plant and has been used throughout history for the treatment of certain ailments. Primrose oil contains omega-6 fatty acids and it is also commonly used in hygiene and cosmetic products.

How Do I Take Primrose Oil?


Primrose oil is available as a capsule or tablet that can be taken as a supplement, and it is also available as a cream that can be applied to the body.

Primrose Oil Health Benefit #1: Relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause


Research has shown primrose oil to be effective against PMS symptoms such as diarrhea, irritability and bloating. It is suggested that primrose oil contains an ingredient that prevents a substance in the body from triggering these symptoms.

Primrose oil can also potentially reduce breast pain that might be severe during menstruation. By reducing inflammation and interfering with chemicals called prostaglandins that cause breast pain, primrose oil can be effective in reducing the pain that could be experienced.

Primrose oil can also help alleviate certain menopause symptoms including hot flashes. A study revealed  that women who took primrose oil experienced shorter, less frequent and less severe hot flashes.

Primrose Oil Health Benefit #2: Relieve skin conditions and improve the overall quality of skin


Primrose oil may also help with skin conditions such as eczema as it may be able to improve the epidermis of the skin, although research is conflicting. Primrose oil may relieve eczema by reducing itchiness and dry skin.

Along with relieving skin conditions, the overall quality of skin may improve through using primrose oil. Primrose oil may help skin by improving moisture, elasticity, firmness and resisting fatigue. The omega-6 fatty acid in primrose oil is responsible for these skin benefits. Primrose oil may also be beneficial for treating acne, as it reduces inflammation and potential scarring of the skin.

Primrose Oil Health Benefit #3: Help with arthritis and osteoporosis


Arthritis may also benefit from a supplement of primrose oil. The omega-6 fatty acid, known as GLA, may improve movement and function of people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and reduce inflammation. This can also lead to pain relief for people with arthritis.

Primrose oil may also be effective against osteoporosis as the fat present may be able to combat the loss of bone mass. This is particularly useful for women after menopause, who are at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis due to reduced levels of estrogen.

Primrose Oil Health Benefit #4: Improve heart health and reduce blood pressure


By reducing blood cholesterol and acting as an anti-inflammatory, primrose oil may be able to improve the health of the heart and lower blood pressure. More research is required on the effects of primrose oil on blood pressure and the heart to be conclusive.

Primrose Oil Health Benefit #5: Relieve pain caused by nerves


Primrose oil may be beneficial for treating nerve pain issues including tingling, numbness and sensitivity to temperature, which are all potential side effects of other diseases such as diabetes.

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