Ana Gonzalez Herera
Founder & CEO Glow by HU.

"To all the women in pain
or discomfort, we are here
to help you break your
silence and find relief"

This is not just my story.
It's the story of 3.3 billion women.

My life took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis in my mid 20s. This condition brought unimaginable pain into my life, leading to five surgeries. Infertility, surgical menopause, and numerous other challenging consequences.

Frustrated by the lack of specific research, clear information, and natural products that I could apply into my daily life, I decided to embark on a new path. I began talking to hundreds of women and discovered that many shared a common thirst for knowledge and trustworthy products, yet they didn’t know where to begin.

The Journey


Ana was driven to create natural solutions that support hormonal imbalances and symptoms, no matter the age or pahse of life, without the side effects of what the pharma industry currently offers.


Her interest in the hormonal space morphed into much more with Hormone University which is an educational platform with the mission to improve hormone health through accesible knlowledge and to advocate for social impact in our communities.


After 2 years of research and hard work, thanks to gynecologic ancologist and pelvic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Poynor, lead scientific advisor to Hormone University, they managed to create a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy giving birth to Glow by HU.

Creating a Social Impact

Hormone University is highly commited to creating a positive social impact on our community and beyond.

We aim to educate women on hormonal health and menstrual care through stories shared by other women and qualified experts in the field. All women deserve to have access to research-based content that will help them make the best decisions concerning their health.

Hormonal Imbalance is a key contributor
to MOST female conditions


of Woman experience
hormonal imbalance


of Woman are affected
by the symptoms of


of Woman have

1 in 4

couples are affected
by inferlity due to
hormonal issues

Meet Our Advisors

Corporate Board

Co-Founder & CBO,
Global Strategy, Celo
Former CEO World
Duty Free
Digital Growth
Chief Innovation Officer

Scientific Board

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